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David Carlson’s output includes works for orchestra, chorus and orchestra, concertante, chamber music, operas, and vocal music.

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About David Carlson

A composer of great heart, depth, and intelligence.

David Carlson acknowledges Berg, Strauss and Prokofiev as early influences, and Berio, Lutoslawski and Dutilleux as later ones. A skillful and colorful orchestrator, he creates opulent textures that frequently employ large percussion ensembles to produce subtle hypnotic effects. A tendency towards lyrical writing is particularly evident in the operas The Midnight Angel (1993) and Dreamkeepers (1996), works in which his poetic impulse is successfully integrated into strong dramatic structures. Several works feature thematic links: Lilacs (1988), an orchestral version of the last movement of an earlier string quartet, is quoted in The Midnight Angel, which in turn provides thematic material for Twelfth Night (1989), and orchestral work. Later compositions exhibit a muscular energetic style and an increasingly transparent harmonic language. - from the The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians


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